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NTL Internet Software: NTL Broadband Internet For a Fast Web! NTL Home …

ntl:home - UK Broadband: At ntl:home Direct You'll Get The Best Selection of Internet Shopping and always The Best Prices!

NTL Internet Software: NTL Broadband Internet For a Fast Web! NTL Home …
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ntl:home Broadband service is the NTL high-speed Broadband Internet service. It connects the home computer to the Internet via high-speed cable modem and the NTL fibre optic network. It differs from standard dial-up, which uses a traditional telephone line to connect to the Internet. NTL Broadband Internet via cable modem allows more video, data and audio 'traffic' to pass faster. In addition, NTL Broadband is always connected, resulting in no more frustrating dial-up connections.
There are no call charges with ntl:home Broadband Internet. All you pay is your set monthly charge. Unlike most other Broadband providers, ntl:home does not charge you for the cost of the cable modem. Downloading software is typically so slow with dial-up Internet, that what takes an hour to download with Internet dial-up takes less than 5 minutes with NTL 1Mb Broadband! NTL Broadband - faster, cheaper AND more reliable!

NTL Download Software: NTL Broadband Internet For a Faster Web! NTL Home …

Besides NTL Broadband, NTL offers two great value NTL Dial-up services:
  • UnlimitedPrice ] - You can use the Internet any time, for as long as you want with the peace of mind that you won't pay any additional charges, and
  • Pay as you go - just 1p per minute - you can use the Internet any time, knowing you manage how much you spend.

  • NTL Internet Software: NTL Broadband Internet For a Fast Web! NTL Home …

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